Wednesday, April 20, 2011

clutch "Diaper Pocket" Pad

{Exclusive Invitation}

Congrats to you! You may not have had front row seats to the Academy Awards last weekend, but you are officially invited to the viewing of the 1st item in my "Travel Line" of simple sewing tutotials. {Wink&giggle...;)}
Introducing, The "Clutch" Diaper Pocket Pad {Pattern&Tutorial}!

If you missed my last post about the inspiration for this travel inspired project you can get the background here. {I always like to share why I decided to make something--then you can better understand how this crazy brain of my works!:)}

Now before you begin, lets talk fabric. A cute cotton print for the outside and soft material {flannel, fleece, minky, etc} for the inside will work wonderfully. Although I used a white microfleece for the inside of the pad I made during the tutorial, I wouldn't recommend it for obvious reasons...but it was what I had on hand.:)

Pictured below are a few changing pads I made {and one that my friend Janeen made} and just rolled up. If there is enough interest {let me know in the commments or email me} I can show you how I actually made some pads like this--they just don't have the pocket for the diaper/wipes, but they roll up nicely to throw into a diaper bag and then into the wash.

I would call this a very easy project...and I'm a beginner. I think it would be a great one for someone who just got a machine or who hasn't used one in a while. {Been there...not so long ago!} I'd like to think that ANYONE could follow this tutorial, but I guess we'll see!:)
*{Please feel free to follow my pattern&tutorial in this post to make as many of these as you wish , but please do not make them for profit without my permission.}*
Intro: 2 sizes are included in this pattern--Infant and Toddler. Once you print the pattern feel free to adjust it to your needs if the sizes I provided don't work for you. Have fun and good luck!
Clutch"Diaper Pocket" Pad {pattern&tutorial} by Toad

What you'll need:

-A computer to download the pattern and a printer to print the pieces. Download the pattern here.
-Material for the inside and outside of the pad {see pattern for deminsions}
-4 inches of velcro {I used the sew-on, but I'm sure the iron on would work too.}
-About an hour of time {most likely less!}

And if you've made through the post this far you deserve a pat on the back and a chance to win one of these!:) So, I'm going to give away 2 of these great little prizes! Just leave a comment telling me if you'd like one for a boy or a girl and you are entered to win.

Now, if you don't sew, but would still like one of these babies I did stick a few in my Etsy shop. I usually don't sew items to sell --for a number of reasons--but the thought of some sweet mom laying her baby on one of those dirty changing tables softened my sewing heart.:)

I hope you like and use this pattern! And don't worry, I still have a few more family trip pictures to post...:).

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  1. Hi this is a message for JULIE, Not only Do I love your diaper pockets :) LOVE the fabric BTW :) You won our GIVEAWAY over at the MAILLARDVILLE MANOR!!! It's a pair of Recycled Fiber Sheers :) I couldn't find your email, so I thought I'd leave you a comment here :) I hope you get this! LET ME know and I'll send your email over to CURTAINWORKS and they'll handle it from there :)
    Thanks So much
    Congratulations :)

  2. I'm Emily and I'm glad you like this tutorial!
    My actual post is over at my blog called Toad's Treasures.
    My email is