Monday, March 15, 2010

Wood Alphabet Squares

From: How Does She


ABC’s with Vinyl

Yea!!! I’m excited how this project turned out!!!.  I needed something for my little guy’s room.  I’ve seen the canvas with the ABC’s and thought they were really cute, but I can’t paint…so Vinyl to the rescue!!!
So here we go with the tutorial:IMG_5665
1. For the top piece cut a 1×6 into a square (it will be about 5.5×5.5).  You can use pine or mdf.  It doesn’t matter:)  You can get both at the hardware store.
2.  For the bottom piece cut a 1/4 inch mdf into 7×7’s.  If you don’t have a table saw just use 1×8 pine or mdf and cut it with your{{or your neighbors}} chop saw.  Make sure they are  square.
3.  Paint the bottom piece dark brown{{or whatever color}}
4.  Mod Podge the top piece (10 steps for perfect mod podging)
5.  Sand
6.  Stain
7.  Attach the top to the bottom.  You can use wood glue and it will work the same.  I’m a little impatient and wanted it done fast so I pulled out the nail gun!
IMG_56608.  I had my husband router the key hole in the back. {{I was tired and he was willing to help…yeppee!!}}  If you don’t have a router just use picture hooks.
9.  Apply your vinyl.  I used different fonts and even put some cute pictures mixed in.  This is were your own cutter comes in handy!!!  If you have a Cricut or other cutter and need strips of vinyl HowDoesShe If you don’t want to mess with cutting your own vinyl MyTalkingWalls is who HowDoesShe recommends!  They are both great to work with and have amazing prices.  Also if you need more info on vinyl click here for vinyl 101.
10.  Hang on the wall.  Yep we put 26 holes in the walls, but it was sure worth it!
IMG_566911.  And yes my husband helped me hang them because I don’t always hang things straight:){{or as he would say ‘never’ hang things straight}  We need a tutorial on hanging pictures…Missy get on that!!
Need more ideas on a boy’s room?  Check out Shelley’s post on ‘Toddler Boy Room on a Budget’

Bath Salts

Last night at our RS meeting, we learned how to make BATH SALTS.
ok..brace yourself, this is easy...

1. ziploc bag
2. 1/3 cup sea salt
3. 1 cup epsom salt
4. a couple drops of essential oil or fragrance
5. a couple drops of food coloring (optional)
6. mix.

Isnt that fun.  I love baths and usually just stick in crystals, bubbles or anything else I have close.  I think these make cute little gifts though...for someone who needs to RELAX a little!


Block Chore Chart

Are you ready for this?…
This is going to be the LONGEST tutorial you’ve probably ever seen, but don’t fret…it’s going to be worth it!  An organized classy chore chart is headed your way.  Can you even guess what this chore chart for multiple kids is made out of??? Yep, 2×4’s … another 2×4 decor idea.  I LOVE how this turned out because I can leave it on my counter and it matches my home decor.
We’ve included a free pdf template for the chores too! chore-chart-001
It also has a subliminal message for my kids to read all week, “Chores are fun”…one day they will agree…
If you missed the ever exciting tutorial on how to use a miter saw you are in luck…I just posted it earlier today.  Check it really is a fun read:)
Okay, on with the show:

Chore Chart for Multiple Kids

I cut with the miter saw 5 blocks of wood
4 of them were 3.5 x3.5 squares
1 of them was 8 inches long

Chore-Chart-for-multiple-14I drilled one hole into the top of each of the 3.5 by 3.5 blocks.  Do you like my band-aids?  I was so glad this shot really brought out the 3 band-aids that I was lucky enough to be wearing during the making of this craft.  Anyway, I used a 7/8 bit (as shown in the picture…nice shot Missy) and started drilling.
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-13I ended up sandwiching the block I was drilling in-between 2 others just so I didn’t end up with more band-aids.  A clamp would work well too!  Ya, I’ll tell you in a minute why I have so many band-aids…
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-12Then I had to put a little shoulder into it because I hit a knot and I had to make it work.  Really…most of the time you don’t have to lean into it as much…I guess I’m a tad weak and needed a little oomph to get through that knot.
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-11I finished the 3 holes in the three 3.5×3.5’s (there is a picture below).
The next hole I needed to make was a bigger one.  I used a longer 2×4 because a small piece would have just spun and no hole would have been created.  I was using a 2 inch bit for this one.
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-10Here is an action shot.  Look at the wood shavings fly…O and do you like my slippers:)
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-9My bit wasn’t long enough to go through width of the 2×4 so I used my drill bit and made a hole to go through the entire board so when I flipped it over I knew where to place the 2 inch bit.
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-8I flipped the 2×4 over and am sticking the 2 inch bit into the hole I just drilled.  Giving me a guide to match up the bottom and the top.  Keep reading…it gets better.
My bandaid story:  I was making a sign for a friend and I was in a hurry and the drill bit wasn’t in the entire way.  It slipped and caused me to wear band-aids.    I wish I had some cool life saving story, but really it’s just me being in a hurry with a tool…I’m glad it wasn’t the miter saw:)  Tools are great, but you have to be careful.  O, I sound like my mother!  I’ve been working with power tools for over 3 years and I think this is the worst of the injuries.  I get hurt worse using knives in the kitchen…I will leave the cooking posts to Shelley!  Really just be careful and you’ll be okay!
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-7AHHHHHH…it worked.  Honestly I didn’t know if it would work, but it did.   YEA!
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-6I had to add this picture of my little guy.  And don’t worry I don’t let him out to play with the saws.  He had been sleeping (hence the bed head)but as soon as he was up, he wanted to see what was happening.  Look at his chipmunk cheeks…LOVE it!
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-5Okay here is the top shot.
THREE  3.5×3.5 inch boards with a 7/8 inch drilled down a little over half way.
One 3.5×3.5 with a 2 inch hole drilled through the center.
One 3.5×8 inch block under all of the above 4 blocks.
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-4Mod podge the paper on.  I used an amazingly sophisticated tool to cut a hole into the paper so the Popsicle sticks could fit down into it…a Hannah Montana pencil.
I sanded the blocks and stained the edges.  For more exciting steps on perfect mod podging you can find it in our 10 steps to perfect mod podging.
Apply the vinyl (your kids’ names and chores are fun).  I used the Silhouette to cut the black vinyl for this project.  If you need vinyl or a vinyl lady check out our vinyl 101.
chore-chart-018You can thank Missy for figuring out how to make a template for the Popsicle sticks (they are for the thicker ones, like tongue depressors).  There are 4 sheets and they are color coded.  Why color coded?  I was invited to go to a class a couple weeks ago on the topic of a ‘house of order’ by an amazing lady named Julie.  After her class, I felt pumped up about house cleaning, dejunking, and doing laundry (really…).
I always have felt chores were ‘another thing’ to do on my list of ‘to do’s’ that never were crossed off because there was always something else to clean.
She gave a whole new perspective on house cleaning.  She said she felt blessed when she did chores.  She was happy to do laundry because it was another way she showed love to her family.  She was happy to do it because she had a washer and dryer to make it easier.   We are hoping to get her to do a post for us (hint…hint).    I really have never heard someone so positive on cleaning and household chores.
Anyway, back to the color coding.  She divides her chores up into how long they take…how long they ’should’ take:)  Then, when assigning chores, the kids get to choose 2 two minute chores, 2 five minute chores and so on until all the chores are divided up evenly.
So, we put it into an easy format for you just to print them off on colored paper and easily attach them to Popsicle sticks.
All the 15 minute chores are on one sheet and I printed them on cream paper
The 10 minute chores are Yellow
The 5 minute chores are Red
The 2 minute chores are Green
After I printed them out I mod podged them onto the Popsicle sticks.Chore-Chart-for-multiple-2I sanded them down and then stained the edges.  Next time I need to wipe my table off before I take a picture.  The crumbs are from blueberry muffins during snack time!
chore-chart-016The kids get to choose.  I will sometimes cover the chore name so they ‘blindly’ get their assignments.
They get their own block, put their chores in it and get to work.  Some of you will notice Davis’ chores…he’s two and can’t wipe out the microwave, but I had to make him one so when he can he will be given the opportunity one day:)
Chore-Chart-for-multiple-kiWhen they are finished with their chore, the Popsicle stick goes back into home base!  It helps them keep track of what they’ve done and what they need to do.  Also, it’s helped me because I know what chores to check up on to make sure they’ve been completed.  I started making this as a gift for someone, but I liked it so much I decided to keep it!  Another cool thing…it was super cheap…’thrifty’ to make!
And one more shot of it because there are so many wonderful pictures in this post that I didn’t want you to forget what the final project looked like!
We are participating in Skiptomylou’s Made By You Monday Link Up Thanks Cindy! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pillow Top Towel

Pillow Top Towel
It's the best name I can come up with, so that's what I'm gonna call it.

*I've been thinking about this project for quite a while, so I hope you like it! *

This towel is for a baby to lay on after his bath. It's absorbent, soft and fluffy. It has a blanket like quality, yet it's a towel. It is perfect for cushioning a hard surface (like the floor or a counter top) while drying, lotioning and dressing a baby. Heck, I need to make one for me now.

Here is the one I made for Cohen (the cutest dang baby I've ever seen!)

And here (not wrapped yet):

Here is what you do. First find a towel without any ribbing. I found mine at JC Penney. Fold in half. If you want to do some applique, do it before the next step.

After you applique, fold in half, right sides together. Sew around edges. Leave 6 - 8 inches in the top-middle open.

Cut batting to the size of the towel.

Fold batting in thirds and insert into the opening in the top.

Open batting in the towel and smooth flat. Hand stitch the opening at the top closed.

Quilt the towel with a large blunt needle and the yarn of your choice.

I placed quarters on the towel to map out where I wanted to thread the yard.

After you thread and knot your ties, cut with scissors to desired length.

That's it. A soft, puffy towel for baby.

Wet Bag Tutorial

From: Little Birdie Secrets

Summer is around the corner and that means swimsuit season! After swim lessons or playing in the pool I’ve always rolled my children’s swimsuits up in a towel. Unfortunately, this always ends up in a big mess and my whole bag, stroller, and car somehow get wet. This year I will be prepared because I now have a mommy’s secret weapon: the wet bag. This handy little bag is lined with plastic vinyl inside to contain all that water and wet stuff. Just zip it close and carry it home. Simple. This bag is also perfect for all those parents currently potty training. When your little one has an accident you can just slip the messy pants into a wet bag and no worries. The best part is that you can clean the inside of the bag with Lysol or any cleaner. Just wipe it down. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can make your own wet bag.

What you'll need:

*Fabric of your choice. It can be cotton, denim, flannel, or whatever you want.
*Plastic or vinyl. I bought mine at Walmart super cheap. It feels like a thin plastic shower curtain. If you can’t find this at your local fabric store, you could always try a very inexpensive shower curtain.
*Zipper-mine was 14 inches.

1. I cut my fabric and plastic 12 inches by 14 inches. You can make yours bigger or smaller. Just make sure you have a zipper that is long enough. I would make sure it was a couple inches longer than your cut pieces.

2. Place the zipper right side up along the top 12 inch side of your plastic/vinyl. Place your fabric, right side down on the zipper lining up the top edges (12 inch side). Sew it together. Take your time because the plastic/vinyl is slippery and likes to move around.

3. Open up your two pieces and top stitch down through the outside fabric, zipper, and plastic.

4. Just repeat steps two and three on the other side. Sandwich the already sewn side between the plastic and the outer fabric, lining up the top 12 inch edges.

5. Open up your zipper halfway.

6. Open up the fabric so the outer layers are together, right sides together. Line the vinyl/plastic up. Starting at one side sew three of the four sides together. Be sure to leave the vinyl/plastic 12 inch side alone. Do not sew that side together.

7. Very carefully, pull the sewn fabric layer up through the bag and turn the whole bag inside out.

8. Fold in the 12 inch side of plastic/vinyl in by a quarter to a half an inch. Sew this side. Then very carefully push this vinyl back into the bag.

You’re done! Zip the bag shut and you now have your own wet bag.

Family Values Canvas

From: Brown Paper Packages

I just LOVED THIS family rules canvas over at the pleated poppy as soon as I saw it, and couldn't wait to make one of my own.
I did make a few changes. I decided on a 24x36 canvas. This way, I could fit two 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper (landscape view) next to each other, and then have a one inch border on either side. I knew I wouldn't be able to freehand the fonts, nor was I confident in my printer abilities to be able to print out a continuing sentence on different sheets of 12x12 paper. It was perfect for our family values, which would only have one word printed on each piece of paper.

  • art canvas (get this on sale, or use a coupon!)
  • scrapbook paper...lots of it! I chose 8 different papers--7 of them for the values (used each one twice) and one for the title. I used 12x12 paper, I just cut it down to 8 1/2 x 11 to fit in my printer.
  • spray paint
  • Mod Podge and foam brush
  • printer and lots of cute fonts


1. I decided which fonts I wanted to for each word, then typed and formatted them in Word. I used the landscape view, and printed two words on each paper. (Once I cut it in half, I would have 2 words, each 4.25 x 11 inches. I chose this size because my canvas was 36 inches tall, and it would fit 8 pieces that size with a one inch border perfectly.)
2. Once the words were printed on my paper, I cut them to size (in half) and inked all the edges.
3. I had already spray painted my canvas black, so I spread out my words and figured out where I wanted each of them to go.
4. I secured them in place with a little double stick tape, because doing it is way required several edges to meet up, and I needed it to stay in place until I could Mod Podge it.
5. After they were taped on, I Mod Podged each word on individually, making sure to keep all my edges and borders even. Another layer of Mod Podge went on top, and I was done!

I LOVE how it turned out. It's the perfect touch in our kitchen/dining room, where we can all see it often each day.

P.S. Check out THIS's brand new! To celebrate their grand opening, they are donating 15% of all proceeds from this week to Autism Speaks.

***AFTER 1 DAY***

I was too impatient last night to wait to take pics (imagine that, lol), and the Mod Podge wasn't quite dry so some of the papers were still a little bubbly. This morning, after it had a chance to dry overnight, almost all the bubbles were gone! Plus, the light is a lot better. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ironing Board Holder

{Wash, Dry, Press, Fold, Repeat... Someday Crafts Feature}

Please tell me I'm not the ONLY one who feels this way about laundry!?
So, now that I've gotten a handle on the laundry room, I wanted to actually GET the supplies that go in there. LOL.
Yes... I didn't have an iorn, till about 2 weeks ago. haha. Don't judge.
(if you're wondering how I got along... let's just say that a large towel on the kitchen island works WONDERS!)
K... so I was out to find an ironing board... easy peezy right?
WRONG. I was DYING... have you LOOKED for a cute ironing board lately? Almost impossible.
I snagged up the $18 board complete with ugly cover at Walmart and thought... that...that was that.
I was a little peeved that I had spent ALL this time on a "cute" laundry room, and now I was gonna hang up an ugly huge ironing board... WITH a massive ironing board holder that stuck out about 6 inches from the wall!?!?
Uhhhh... no.
I was on the hunt. I looked a couple of places for a great ironing board cover, and almost gave up. And then... I went into to Tuesday Morning. It was my first time in their stores, and I was IMPRESSED! They have some AWESOME stuff at amazing deals!
I found this beauty of a cover, for under $9!!! woo hoo!
Problem solved.

Now, I had the "how to hang it problem"
I don't think that this option is bad, by any means...
And by the way, the one at MY Walmart, wasn't even THIS good....

but I just didn't want all the "stuff" out. I'm pretty OCD like that. lol. I wanted it to look... like part of the decor, and less like... a laundry room.
I know, I know. It's weird.

So here's how I did it.

Oh... you want a tutorial...... Mmmkay!

First I got a piece of scrap board that we had left over from another project that we didHERE.

Painted it white...

Sanded the edges... and because I was bein' lazy, and didn't want to pull out the whole glaze mess... just to do this itty bitty board's edges, to get a distressed look, I whipped out the Distress Ink, that I use to make cards and such. lol.
It TOTALLY works. And is SO easy!
Just ran the ink pad on the edges, where I exposed the sanded wood, smugged it with my thumb a bit, and wa-la! Glazed look, without the pain of mixing glaze!

My last step was a coat of this clear spray.

I bought these simple hooks at Walmart... for I think... $2.00 a piece, and had the hubby drill them on the board.

Like this!

Added some vinyl, to remind me of what I SHOULD be doing, instead of blogging...
and there you have it! :)
A simple, fast, easy, fashionable way to hang your new cutely covered ironing board! lol

I was featured today on Someday Crafts for my crepe paper rose balls... yay!
I LOVE this blog, and Michelle is nothing but nice and sweet!

If you are interested in one of these fun decals... head over to my Vinyl Lettering Shop...
These cute decals are on sale for only $6.00 + $1.00 shipping!
Come and get one!!!